What services do you offer?

I offer custom web design and graphic print design, reservation system integration, and email and social media marketing services. Please see the services page for the complete list, and more details on each item. All of my services are available in any combination, so take a look at what I offer and give me a call to discuss your particular project.

Where can I see samples of your work?

I have several examples of my work on the Portfolio page. I’ve worked with businesses in Alaska and Hawaii, and consider my niche to be with the bed and breakfasts and small businesses of Alaska. I do have experience working with all types of businesses, and realize that the core of every successful website is a great guest experience.

What are your rates?

Each project is different, so I prefer to discuss each client’s particular needs and desires for their project, and then provide a quote with a rate for the entire project. That rate is based on the hourly rate, but several factors come into play, including the amount of time it will take me to complete the project, how complicated the project is, and what level of support you think you will need. I am willing to discuss regular maintenance plans, and can also perform updates on an as-needed basis. Please contact me to discuss a quote for your project, and see the services page for more information on my rates.

Once I’ve approved your quote, what happens?

Once you’ve approved the quote and I’ve received your deposit, we get started on our respective portions of the project: you, with information gathering, and me with designing. I’ve created a special page that explains the design and approval process.

Can I make updates to my site myself?

Of course. You have several options regarding updates and maintenance: We can set up a maintenance plan for me to update your site on a regular basis. Or, I can set up your site so that you can make text changes to the different pages as often or as rarely as you like. Or, we can set up a full-scale blog site so that you can make frequent changes to the static pages and the dynamic blog-style pages. When we’re discussing your quote, let me know how involved you want to be with maintenance and updates, and I’ll set your site up to match that level.

How do I contact you/get my information to you?

There are a variety of ways to contact me: via email, phone, fax, my website submission form, or Skype (see sidebar). The only thing that doesn’t work for me at the moment is snail mail (and who even uses that anymore, anyway?).

I use a service called YouSendIt for sending and receiving large files, and I’ll show you how to use it when we’re ready to exchange information. I also use an online project management system called FreshBooks. When I provide your quote, I’ll also provide you with your own access to my FreshBooks system, and through this you can suggest revisions and offer your approval at the various stages in the design process, you can see my progress and notes as I complete your project, and you can notify me of inconsistencies or problems with your site or project. I’ll send your invoices through this system, and you can even pay me through it as well!

How do I pay you if I can’t mail you a check?

You can pay me via PayPal or via FreshBooks (you’ll see a special button on your invoice). And, you can actually mail me a check, if you need to. Let me know and I’ll send you the details.

My site is broken; what do I do?

Call me! Your site shouldn’t be broken; I’m always available in an emergency. All of my contact info is here, please use whichever method suits you. Alternatively, log on to your account at FreshBooks and open up a support ticket. Please be detailed about the issues you’re having so I know what I need to do to fix it.

Please contact me if you have other questions, or are ready to get started on a project.