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Professional Web Design, without the Professional Web Design Price

Introducing the Quick and Easy Guide to Creating a Website, Small Business Edition. Build your own website, and start seeing more sales and reservations right away!

Specially written for small business owners, especially those in the lodging and tourism industries, the Guide covers how to build a website from start to finish, from buying a domain name to basic search engine optimization. Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style, the Guide avoids the technical terminology and insider language that make the basics of web design so difficult to grasp.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Creating a WebsiteYou’ll save money by doing it yourself, but it also usually involves a lot of time and frustration. Eliminate the frustration, and save time getting over that learning curve with the no-hassle website setup covered by the guide. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Buy a domain name and a hosting plan, and install WordPress, a free website software.
  • Change and customize your website design and layout using WordPress themes.
  • Use WordPress to add and update your site content.
  • Add additional functionality to your site through plugins and widgets.
  • Apply the basics of SEO and write web copy, and use Google Analytics to track statistics.
  • Connect and integrate social media, set up a blog and import your TripAdvisor reviews.

It comes in three different sizes — Holiday Feast, The Special and A La Carte — so choose your level of support, and start creating your new website!

Holiday Feast
The best of everything: The complete guide, plus a couple of bonuses, and two hours of consulting time with me.
The Special
The special always comes with more. The complete guide, plus a couple of bonuses
A La Carte
Just what you need, no more, no less. Any of the six individual sections, plus a bonus
$10 each

The Special – The Complete Guide

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The Quick & Easy Guide is a start-to-finish tutorial designed to walk you through the web design process, step-by-step and click-by-click. It consists of 6 parts, which cover 6 distinct parts of the process:

Part 1: Domains, Hosting and WordPress (Oh My!), covering purchasing domain names and hosting, and uploading and installing WordPress, a free blogging and website software.

Part 2: Appearance is Everything covering changing the aesthetics of your website using WordPress themes, and also includes some notes on web design best practices.

Part 3: All About Content, explaining how to add your information, including text and photos, to your WordPress site.

Part 4: Website Gadgets, covering how to extend the basic WordPress software to get more out of your site and give your visitors a better experience.

Part 5: Just Google It, teaching you the basics of Search Engine Optimization, using Google Analytics, a free website statistics tool.

Part 6: Small Business 2.0, covering embracing the social nature of the web, and integrating your various social media platforms into your site.

Glossary of (non) Technical Terms, interactive and linked to from the pertinent sections of the guide, just in case.


Plus, when you buy the complete guide, you’ll also receive a couple of bonuses:

The Design Project Worksheet will help you get organized before you start creating your site, leading you to think about not only the content and the aesthetics, but the purpose of your website as well. Avoid writer’s block or designer’s block by thinking about and organizing your website before you even get started.

The Design Basics e-Course is a 5-part email course covering the principles of what makes great design. Learn tidbits like why design is important, how to organize a layout for optimum flow, how to combine colors into a complementary scheme, understanding different types of fonts and their uses, and optimizing images for use on the web. The lessons will show up in your inbox once a week for 5 weeks.


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Professional web design, without the professional web design price.