To connect with your potential guests, it’s essential that you have not only a web presence, but well-designed, interactive one, with complementary print marketing materials. I can make it easy for you to do all that. I can create or upgrade your website and brochures, add an online reservation system, and even help you participate in the social media sphere—all proven strategies for making connections, and bringing in more reservations and revenue.

Web Design. Custom creation of a simple, multi-page website or an owner-updated blog-style site that highlights the unique features and stellar service offered by your B&B or business.

Online Reservation Systems. Make it easy for guests to make reservations with you by integrating a reservation system into your website. With one click, guests can book their rooms or suites, and suddenly your administrative tasks, like collecting deposits and updating your calendar, are done automatically.

E-commerce. Do you sell your artwork or handicrafts at your B&B? Put those products online. That way pasts guests who enjoyed your art can order more even if they’re not able to travel all the way back to Alaska.

Graphic Design. Custom graphics to match your website or marketing materials, from buttons to icons to holiday graphics.

Print Design & Marketing Materials. Printed materials to go along with your website and reservation system can go a long way in promoting the image of your business. A consistent design across all media will vouch for the professionalism and quality of your B&B’s services.

Email Marketing. Stay in touch with past and future guests with permission marketing. Guests who opt into your mailing list can learn about your winter specials or holiday weekend getaways, or get updates on life at your B&B.

Social Media Marketing. Learn to harness the power of social media. Connect with potential guests via a variety of media, and be as involved as you want, from low-owner-interactivity TripAdvisor to always-in-the-know Twitter, or join associations or aggregator sites like Alaska B&B Association or Lonely Planet, or simply update guests on the world according to you with your own blog.

Maintenance Plans. Keep your website up-to-date and problem-free with regular maintenance. Set up a contract and you’ll never have to worry about falling behind.

You can see examples of projects I’ve worked on in the past on the Portfolio page.

Rates & Prices.
Individual services are billed on a per-hour basis. Custom-built projects come with their own flat rate, determined after the initial consultation and based on the hourly rate.

The hourly rate is $75.

A deposit of 50% of the service, package or project cost is required before the project begins. The balance is not due until the project is finished.


Web Design Options.

  • Small Custom Websites, consisting of 4-5 pages
    Custom creation of a static HTML site, without the ability to edit via the Back-End. Goes up quickly and easily. Adding a maintenance package is recommended.
  • Large Custom Websites, consisting of 4-5 pages and 5-6 subpages
    Custom creation of a dynamic site using a Content Management System (CMS), including the ability to edit via the Back-End. Longer, more complex setup but less maintenance is required on my part.
  • Inclusion of Blog Pages, or Blog-Style Sites
    Add a blog page to your small or large website, or create your entire site around your blog.

Online Reservation Systems

  • Integration, Setup and Support
    Syncing of system with your new or existing website, including help with initial setup and tutorial training to help you become proficient at using the system.
    (Cost of system itself is payable to Reservation System Provider.)


  • Integration, Setup and Support
    Simple PayPal shopping carts/buttons, or help with setup of full-service shopping cart software, and tutorial training to help you become proficient at using the system.

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Custom Web or Print Graphics: Website Buttons, Sales and Holiday Graphics, Icons, Stationery Graphics, Email Graphics, Etc.

Print Design & Marketing Materials

  • Business Card Design
  • Tri-Fold Brochure and Rack Card Design
  • Flyer and Poster Design
  • Stationery, including Tip Envelopes and Reservation Cards

Email Marketing

  • Custom HTML Email Design
  • Integration, Setup and Support
    Setup of Email Marketing module within Reservation System, if applicable, or setup of 3rd-party email marketing provider. (Cost of system payable to provider.)

Social Media Marketing

  • Account and/or Custom Page Creation on Social Media Platforms
  • Website Integration
    Allow your customers and guests to interact with you on Facebook or another social media platform without ever leaving your website.

Maintenance Plans

  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Maintenance Plans