The Process

Here’s how it works:

You call me. Or email me, or Skype me, or submit the form on my website. We talk about your B&B, about your current website if you have one, and about what you want. We discuss where you want your business to go, who you want to visit your B&B, and how you think we can contact them. Then, I get to work.

Phase 1: Consultation and Research.
In the consultation phase, you and I sit down (on the phone or through Skype) and discuss where we want your site and your graphics to take you. We figure out who your target audience is, what you’d like them to see regarding your business, and how you want to reach them. (See the Design Project Questionnaire; that worksheet really helps us find the focus during this phase.) Together, we figure out a course of action that would be best for your B&B. Once we’ve figured out where we’d like to go and how we’d like to get there, we’ll agree on a project cost and sign a contract. A deposit of half of the project cost is due at this time, and once I receive it, I’ll begin the research and design process.

Timeline: a few days to a few weeks

Phase II: Initial Design.
While I’m coming up with two initial designs for you to choose from, you’ll be gathering materials for me to work with. These are the things you want to appear on your website or in your marketing materials: photos, room descriptions, owner & host bios, and business information. When I’m ready with the designs, I’ll send you static images of each design. This is your opportunity to choose the design you like, and to make revisions based on your expectations and desires. You’ll then give me all of the information you’ve gathered.

Timeline: 2 to 6 weeks

Phase III: Implementation.
Once I’ve got your information, and you’ve decided on a look and feel for your site, I’ll start to build the website. This phase is where I make things functional and cohesive. This phase is also where I implement the online reservation systems and any interactive solutions you’ve chosen. Once the site is complete and the systems are integrated, I’ll send you a link to view the site, on the web but not yet available to the general public. This is your opportunity to make revisions and changes that you think will benefit your B&B.

Timeline: 3 to 6 weeks

Phase IV: Launch.
Once we’ve made the changes and we’re satisfied with the site, we’re ready to launch. We’ll notify various online media that the website is ready, we’ll make the last tweaks to the copy, and then we’ll launch! If we’ve decided to try a social media or marketing campaign, I’ll get you started on the various outlets we’ve chosen, and then I’ll show you how to stay current with all of them. If we’ve discussed it, I’ll also show you how to make changes to the copy and photos on your website.

Timeline: 2 to 3 weeks

Ongoing work.
Normally, the project cost includes the revisions and changes that take place during the design and implementation process, but does not include maintenance after the fact. We can set up a recurring maintenance plan, if you think you’ll have a lot of regular changes, or we can take things on a case-by-case basis. You only have to contact me to set things in motion. If the proposed changes will require a large amount of time on my part, chance are that it will be best for both of us to come up with a new project and cost, and we’ll start the steps over again.

Got it? Any questions? Contact me for more details.