How to Make Your B&B Successful

I recently interviewed the owners of Bear Lake Lodgings B&B in Seward, Dennis and Pat Perry, on why they feel their business has done so well, and what role their website has played in that success. A short disclaimer: Dennis and Pat are my dad and stepmom, and not only did I create the website and marketing materials for their B&B, I also worked as the innkeeper for a couple of summers. Read more about my experience building this website and how I found my niche in the B&B industry right here, or read more about the process of creating Bear Lake Lodgings’ website right here.

A short synopsis: The website has helped Dennis & Pat to realize success quickly, as the majority of their guests find them through their website. It’s easy to navigate and easy for guests to find what they’re looking for on the site. The site has been both instrumental and invaluable in the growth of their business. They urge other B&B owners to create sites that are professional-looking, because most of their guests are looking for them online, and they want to portray an accurate and professional image to those potential guests.

We did this via a Skype call, and the occasional disembodied voice you hear is me!

To see the full interview, click here (about 6 minutes).