Publications & Editorial


The James Girdwood Collection: Photos from 1896-1904
The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum archive project: included print and ebook publication of photos taken by Girdwood’s founder. My involvement included the design and layout of the book, with some scanning and handwriting interpretation of the original album, and coordinating print and online publication.

Alyeska Chronicle (Sample)
The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum project: redesign of an old newspaper originally published by Alyeska Resort in 1981. My involvement was to redesign the paper in digital format and add an insert with articles detailing what had changed since the original publication date, plus some writing, photography and research.

The Traveler’s Cookbook (Sample)
Cookbook for travelers in print and ebook versions. My own project from start to finish: writing and testing recipes, writing the editorial content, food and travel photography, and design.


Turnagain Times Freelance Articles
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