Web Design on a Budget

Wondering how to build a website? Ready to make some changes to your existing one but not sure where to begin? Start here! The Quick and Easy Guide to Getting Started on the Web, B&B Edition, is the key to simple and effective web design, the do-it-yourself way!

Specially written for B&B/Inn and small business owners, the Guide covers how to build a website from start to finish, from buying a domain name to Basic SEO pointers. Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style, the Guide avoids the technical terminology and insider language that make the basics of web design so difficult to grasp. Plus, it comes with an interactive glossary that easily defines the technical terms and language used in the field.

Coming on January 31!

The Quick & Easy Guide is a start-to-finish tutorial designed to walk you through the web design process, step-by-step and click-by-click. It consists of 6 modules, which cover 6 distinct parts of the process:

Part 1: Domains, Hosting and WordPress (Oh My!)
Part 2: Appearance is Everything
Part 3: All About Content
Part 4: Widgets & Plugins
Part 5: Just Google It
Part 6: Small Business 2.0
Glossary of Technical Terms

The Guide is written as a comprehensive template for creating a new website, but the six different parts can be purchased individually if you only need one or two.


Plus, buy two or more guides, and you’ll also receive a couple of bonuses:

Design Project Worksheet
Design Basics e-Course

What the Guide covers:

  • No-hassle website setup using popular (free) blogging software WordPress
  • Buying a domain name and a hosting plan, and installing WordPress
  • Changing and customizing your website design and layout
  • How to use WordPress to add and update your site content
  • Adding additional functionality to your site through plugins and widgets
  • The basics of SEO and writing web copy, and using Google analytics to track your site statistics
  • How to connect and integrate social media, including setting up a blog and importing your TripAdvisor reviews.

Professional web design, without the professional web design price.

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